Yes, We REACH!

Re.Al. Color’s products are certified REACH and fully comply with international regulations.

certificazione reach

Dear User, we are pleased to inform you that:

Re.Al. Color s.r.l. operates in full compliance with REACH (Regulation 1907/2006 / EC), both as a producer - importer as downstream user of any substance Re.Al. Color s.r.l. operates in full compliance with Regulation 1272/2008 / EC, for all substances and mixtures sold to downstream users and has already taken steps to notify ECHA of all its produced substances Re.Al. Color s.r.l. carried out the pre-registration of all substances produced or imported in the European Union and is actively involved in the control of its European and non-European suppliers regarding their compliance with REACH Re.Al. Color s.r.l. is already in contact with all European consortia to register its substances before the time line limit All our MSDS comply with actual regulations

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Very High Quality
Safety and reliability
Regulatory Compliance Reach and regulations
Sustainability and the environment
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