Re.Al.Color is a solid company that has over 30 years of research and innovation in the field of chemicals for leather industry.

RE.AL. Color since 1980

"Since 1980 the Real Color SRL continuously invests in research and development to meet the international demand for chemicals for the tanning and re-tanning products, useful from beam house until the final fattening, through a wide range of dyes and auxiliaries more and more advanced"

Lorenzo Racca

The large and innovative Re.Al.Color’s product range is, developed and processed entirely in the company plant in Lonigo (Vicenza). The production department is thus able to anticipate needs of the market and to establish growing standard of quality and performance, with a total respect for the environment.

To be leading in the economy of the future, the Company has always developed its production system based on three fundamental principles: high quality, ecological awareness and competitiveness on the markets.

The System of Quality Management of Real Color Srl is respect the norms UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000. The control of the various stages of processing is executed by qualified personnel, under the supervision of technical managers, on the whole process, from the base components to the tests on the finished product.

Trade policy makes the company transparent, flexible to market needs, establishing a relationship of respect and trust with customers perdurable for years. Customer service, guaranteed in all areas of the tanning industry, in Italy and around the world, uses a comprehensive and effective technical service, able to meet the important needs of customers.

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Years of Activity

Since 1980 RealColor SRL is serving the leather industry to offer products at the forefront. Since then we have not stopped: we have innovated, renovated facilities and structures to better serve customers.


Countries where we are present

Since the early 90s the company began its expansion into foreign markets. Now we feel satisfied with the work done, because previously our products were suitable "national" and now had been appreciate also, and above all, internationally.


Customers Served in 2021

Customer service is our pride. We can realize customized products upon requested demand. We are able to anticipate the times so that customers, our partners and collaborators, are able to face the market fully and successfully.

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Products Catalog

Market’s demand push our laboratories to identify new opportunities to make new leathers, fresh and innovative, while respecting environmental requirements imposed by national law and the European Union.