Re.Al. Color’s production system includes the full wet-end process, with a wide range of dyestuffs and auxiliary products for leathers tanning and retanning.

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Our dyes brands are INTRAMIN for the penetration in section dyes. REALDERMA, used for good quality dyeing, with good general fastness. UNISOLAR, metal complex dyes with high light fastness. The series DERMAFAST has just inserted and concerns pigments micro dispersed into water for drum dyeing.
For retanning and tanning we use the trademark REALTAN while polymers our brand is REALCORESIN. The products complexed with chromium are CROMODERMA and REALCOTAN. Fatliquors are registered under the abbreviation Nurol and SULFOTAN and are used for every kind of formulation, even for the automotive sector. Waterfproof articles are treated with the water repellent series ARKANOL for high water resistance. For touch modifiers we use the brand FINISHVEL, especially on velours articles.
Another brands, such as REALCO, refer to various auxiliary of different types. (Abatement of chromium VI, formaldehyde reduction below levels set by European legislation ... etc.)